LiveLitigation Pulse – Winter 2018

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Winter and 2018 are Right Around the Corner

Welcome back to another edition of the LiveLitigation Pulse! As we gear up for an exciting 2018, we’d like to reflect on some of the happenings of the last calendar year.

In Case You Missed It…

Early on, we introduced a demonstration tool for our eSuite offering that is used for showing clients how LiveLitigation works. The demo includes simulated streaming video and text, as well as sample exhibits to start and mark. Your demonstration tool can be accessed by adding /gsdemo to your LiveLitigation website. For example, if you log into, the demonstration site is
Over the summer, more changes were made to our eSuite product that included various enhancements to exhibits, the ability for attorneys to add their own notes to the realtime transcript (not available on mobile), and a new scheduling method which has made it easier to find files associated with jobs that are over.

LocalRealtime also received its share of improvements as well. We worked very hard to get RealtimeConnect to its current state and there are more and more reporters switching over from StenoDirectPlus every week.

RealtimeConnect is easier to setup than StenoDirectPlus and has amazing new logic to detect your router easier. Gone are the days of closing and reopening SDP to get the right numbers!

What’s In The Works?

Stay tuned with us as we round the corner to 2018. Improvements to realtime delivery, exhibit sharing, and video streaming will continue to be made as our focus will start shifting to our next-generation platform!

For more information about eSuite demonstrations and best practices, LocalRealtime and RealtimeConnect, please contact us at 818-392-8499.

Happy Holidays from the LiveLitigation team!



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