10 Holiday Gifts for Court Reporters – 2016 Edition

court reporter holiday gifts

Do you have a special court reporter in your life?  Are you bewildered as to what to get them for the holidays this year?  Well look no further, let LiveLitigation help you out.  We searched the internet, spoke with our clients, and put together our 2016 Edition of 10 Holiday Gifts for Court Reporters.  Please enjoy!

Laptopper Tray for
Steno Tripod
Often times when on a job space is limited for court reporters. The StenoWorks Laptopper Tray is a perfect gift for court reporters. It easily attaches to any tripod and may be positioned to the left or right of a writer to save space. It is designed to hold netbooks and other compact, lightweight laptop computers up to 5 lbs.
The TrackR If you have a court reporter whose worst nightmare is leaving their equipment at home or at a job, then the TrackR is the gift for them. When attached to their steno machine or placed in their bag the TrackR has a separation alert feature that notifies them before leaving anything behind.  
Compression Gloves
A pair of anti-arthritis compression gloves is a great gift for anyone who overworks their hands, especially court reporters. The compression fabric extends beyond the wrists to provide pain and swelling relief for the entire hand and wrist. For reporters, opt for open-finger gloves, that way they can easily feel their keys without too much constriction.
Boostaroo Headphone
Audio Amplifier
The Boostaroo audio amplifier was a gift idea posted on the blog of Ruffin Consulting. “If you haven’t experienced the Boostaroo, you’re missing out. The Boostaroo is an audio amplifier for headphones. It’s great for transcribing court recorded audio, or listening to backup audio of distant participants. They’re inexpensive and portable.”
Belkin 4-Outlet
Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports
Today’s court reporters depend on their mobile devices as throw down devices when sending realtime. The Belkin 4-Outlet Surge Protector includes 8 USB charging ports. Not only does this item give a reporter plenty of ports for plugging in their machine and other devices, it also reduces clutter and saves space. 
 Steering Wheel
Portable Desk
Court reporters are always on the go. They spend a large amount of time in their cars, waiting for jobs to start. Rather than saving all their work for the end of the day when they get home, they can get started early while waiting for the next job to start. The Steering Wheel Portable Desk slips over the steering wheel and turns any car into a portable office.
 Stealth Microphone The DepoBook Stealth Microphone was developed by a working court reporter. It plugs into a laptop, steno machine, or external sound card and allows high quality audio to be recorded. When editing a transcript, reporters rely on recorded audio to make corrections, so having a device they can count on is essential.
 Travel Gear Electronics
Accessories Organizer
Cords and cables can be a court reporter’s enemy. An electronics accessory organizer will allow them to keep everything neat and tidy in one place. No messy tangled up cables, or forgotten power cords at the end of the day makes for a happy, less stressed reporter.
 Recorder w/
Conference Microphone
The Sony meeting recording equipment is meant for on the go reporters who need a reliable voice recording package. This recorder records voices clearly and concisely. Multiple microphones can be placed at opposite ends of the room and will pick up voices perfectly.
 1 Year License for
Of course we must mention the LiveLitigation LocalRealtime product as an absolute must for court reporters, especially those looking to expand their skills and offer realtime to their clients. LocalRealtime is a fully universal product, meaning it works flawlessly alongside a court reporter’s CAT Software and allows the reporter to wirelessly deliver their realtime to attorneys both locally and remotely.