All-in-One Solution for Litigation Events

Remote Solutions for Attending and Participating in Depositions, Trials, Hearings, Arbitrations, Mediations, Witness Prep, and more.

Video & Audio

WebRTC video and audio conferencing in HD with super low latency.

Realtime Transcript

Live transcript via Court Reporter streamed directly to your browser.

Electronic Exhibits

Upload, stamp, and submit for the record in one interface.

Screen Sharing

WebRTC screen sharing of your entire screen or applications.

Non-discoverable Chat

Unique text chat system that keeps chat within your team.

Breakout Rooms

Great for arbitration, sidebar conversations, and more.

All-in-One Interface

Streamlined technology provides legal teams access to cutting-edge litigation tools all from one platform.

Powerful Mobile Web

Instantly access from Safari on iPad/iPhone, or Chrome on Android. Nothing to download!

Conveniently Compatible

Designed to work instantly in popular web browsers on both PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices.

Seamless Integration

Universal platform integrates with all litigation realtime viewing software and connects to all CAT software versions.

Secure Online Platform

Our cloud-based web servers offer the most secure environment for data storage and encrypted communication.

World-Class 24/7 Support

Support team available 24/7 to train, test, and ensure litigation events run smoothly and successfully.

Our Revolutionary Products

All in one Remote eSuite Platform

eSuite is the only way for legal professionals to participate in litigation events remotely. The feature rich, cloud-based platform emits the essence of attending depositions, trials, hearings, and arbitrations in person, while providing a set of dynamic tools for conducting more accurate, focused, and collaborative proceedings.

  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Realtime Streaming
  • Easy Digital Paperless Exhibits
  • Secure Non-Discoverable Chat
  • Multi-party Screen Sharing
  • 100% Browser based. Nothing to download.
  • Invitation & Exhibit Management
  • Computer and Telephone Audio Bridge
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Ability to Save and Export Transcript

Tools to Streamline All Litigation Events

One platform. Multiple features.

Our Fans

Check out some of our Client and End-User Reviews
  • Client Testimonials

    LiveLitigation's LocalRealtime is the best tool a reporter can use for streaming realtime text to attorneys. It works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices, as well as traditional proprietary software systems like Livenote and Summation.

    Alan Peacock CAPTION IT!
  • Client Testimonials

    Ease of operation and cost savings are why we chose to go with LiveLitigation. Attorneys can remain in their office while conducting video depositions at remote locations anywhere as long as there is a high-speed internet connection.

    Thomas Olender Olender Reporting
  • Client Testimonials

    LiveLitigation’s LocalRealtime is the answer for all CAT Reporters! Easy setup. Short learning curve. Full functionality with all realtime viewers, so your client can use their favored realtime receive software.

    Sandy Bunch VanderPol Freelance Court Reporter
  • Client Testimonials

    By bringing together court reporting excellence and state-of-the-art technology through LiveLitigation, legal professionals have the very best the market has to offer in terms of quality and delivery of realtime transcripts.

    Kim Neeson Neeson Court Reporting
  • Client Testimonials

    LiveLitigation’s LocalRealtime is positively the best local realtime device I have used. It is simple to install and connect to all mobile devices, computers, or any of the realtime receive software (Bridge, CaseView, LiveNote, etc.).

    Greta Duckett RPR, Alabama
  • Client Testimonials

    After three months, I gave up trying on my own to find an off-the-shelf device to offer easy realtime to my clients, without having to undergo major software upgrades. LiveLitigation's LocalRealtime has solved my problem!

    Ellen Sandles Court Reporter, New York City
  • Client Testimonials

    After thoroughly researching all of the available platforms for remote depositions, we chose to partner with LiveLitigation because it is the most effective and secure platform in the business. Combined with our dedicated remote technicians, as active participants on every remote deposition, LiveLitigation is a perfect solution.

    Rebecca Lobl, Esq. eLitigation Services, Inc.