• Realtime Streaming & Video Conferencing
    Realtime Streaming & Video Conferencing
    A New Spin On
    Litigation Events
    Local & Remote Solutions For
    Attending and Participating in
    Depositions, Trials, Hearings,
    Arbitrations, Mediations,
    and even Witness Prep.
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  • Realtime Streaming & Video Conferencing
    Go Wireless With Your Realtime
    The ONLY universal solution for delivering
    realtime to local litigation event participants.
    Allows for simultaneous internet connection
    and remote streaming to offsite attendees.
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  • The eSuite Platform
    Web-based Litigation Events
    All-in-One eSuite
    Video Conferencing, Electronic Exhibits,
    Realtime Streaming, & Non-Discoverable
    in ONE easy to use platform.

    Use Each Feature as a Stand-alone
    Component, or Combine them
    all Into One Powerful Screen!
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  • The eSuite Platform
    Web-based Litigation Events
    eSuite Video Conferencing
    High Quality Video Conferencing
    Broadcast live one-way witness
    video into an online litigation
    room. Or use two-way video
    conferencing to be seen by
    multiple parties.
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  • The eSuite Platform
    Web-based Litigation Events
    eSuite Realtime Streaming
    Interactive Realtime Streaming
    Stream realtime transcripts over the
    internet to remote participants.
    Users can interact with the
    transcript by searching for keywords,
    highlighting text, and making notes.
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  • The eSuite Platform
    Web-based Litigation Events
    eSuite Non-Discoverable Chat
    Non-Discoverable Chat
    All parties attending a litigation event
    can communicate one-on-one with
    each other off the record, using a
    secure group/private chat feature.
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  • The eSuite Platform
    Web-based Litigation Events
    eSuite Exhibits
    Paperless Electronic Exhibits
    Digitally introduce, manage, and
    collaborate on exhibits using any computer
    or mobile device. Mark-up, stamp, and
    submit for official record in just a few
    easy steps.
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The eSuite Platform
For Agencies & Law Firms

Deliver realtime text, video and audio to remote litigation event attendees in a safe, secure environment.

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For Court Reporters

Wirelessly deliver realtime transcript to onsite attendees without cables or Bluetooth technology.

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“LiveLitigation's LocalRealtime is the best tool a reporter can use for streaming realtime text to attorneys. It works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices, as well as traditional proprietary software systems like Livenote and Summation.”
- Alan Peacock, President, CAPTION IT!

“Ease of operation and cost savings are why we chose to go with LiveLitigation.  Attorneys can remain in their office while conducting video depositions at remote locations anywhere as long as there is a high-speed internet connection.”
- Thomas Olender, Owner, Olender Reporting

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