Product Guides and How-to's

Supported Internet Browsers

The LiveLitigation system will operate on the Internet browsers listed below, and runs best using the most up-to-date versions of the recommended browsers. Utilizing non-recommended Internet browser applications will result in undesirable system behavior.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.6-10.10
  • Supported Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Supported Mobile Devices: iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android Enabled Tablets and Smartphones. App must be downloaded. Find apps here
  • For camera and microphone help with Google Chrome, please read this Wiki Article

All-in-One eSuite Platform

Hosts (Case Managers)

Role: You are a Court Reporting Agency who provides Video and Realtime. You have access to a LiveLitigation account to create online event.

RemoteRealtime Host GuideCreate, Edit and Moderate Depositions.

Stream Manager (Court Reporters and Videographers)

Role: You are invited by the Court Reporting Agency to stream video and/or realtime transcript, for an online event.

Deposition Video and Audio StreamingUsing your camera for video streaming.

Deposition Transcript Realtime StreamingUsing StenoDirectPlus for streaming remotely.

Remote Attendees (Attorneys and Law Firms)

Role: You are attending a deposition remotely from your home or office, and with viewing a video and/or realtime transcript stream.

Remote deposition - attending from a PCUse video and realtime features from a PC or Mac.

Remote deposition - attending from a tabletUse video and realtime features from a tablet.

Digital deposition exhibitsUse ElectronicExhibits inside the LiveLitigation room.

LiveLitigation MyCalManaging depositions and digital exhibits.


Court Reporter

Role: You are Court Reporter using a LiveLitigation router to locally deliver your realtime transcript.

LocalRealtime Court Reporters GuideUse router to deliver realtime locally/onsite.

Onsite Attendee (Attorneys and Law Firms)

Role: You are an attorney or legal professional onsite at a deposition looking to view a court reporters realtime transcript.

Local deposition - attending from a PCReceive realtime transcript using a PC or Mac.

Local deposition - attending from a tabletReceive realtime transcript using a tablet.