Go Wireless With Your Realtime!

Delivering realtime to local and remote litigation professionals has never been easier.
Local Realtime Delivery

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Feature Overview

Say goodbye to setting up extra hardware, fussing with bulky cables or network security issues. LocalRealtime, our dynamic local realtime delivery solution allows court reporters to wirelessly deliver realtime transcript to local, onsite, attorneys, judges, and other litigation professionals.
Wireless Realtime

True Wireless Realtime Connections

No more cables, USB to Serial Adapters or Bluetooth. Uses a wireless router to transmit realtime to onsite attendees.

Universal Court reporting platform

Universal Platform for Reporters

Connects to all CAT software such as Eclipse, StenoCat 32, Stenovations, AristoCat, SmartCat, CaseCatlyst, ProCat and more.

Mobile Applications

Works Across All Mobile Devices

Apps available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. Download from the app store and start viewing in seconds.

Internet Realtime Streaming

Remote Internet Realtime

Seamlessly deliver realtime to offsite, remote clients using web-based streaming technology.

Transcript Keyword Search

Keyword Search & Highlights

Clients can search the realtime transcript for specific keywords and highlight lines to reference at a later time.

Realtime Transcript Exporting

Easy Transcript Exporting

Clients can instantly export the realtime transcript, including highlights and notes for later review.

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