State of the Art Litigation Event Recording

Record your LiveLitigation eSuite events and provide an instant rough copy to your clients!


  • Record video of the deponent and up to 3 additional participants. *
  • Record audio from all participants, including phone conference users. **
  • Moderator or Stream Manager can Start and Stop recordings during the event from their Mac, PC or Mobile device.
  • Recordings can be paused during recesses and while off the record.
  • Download recordings in .mp4 format.
* Video quality must be lowered from "High" to "Standard" to record multiple users. ** Requires the use of LiveLitigation-provided teleconferencing number and VoIP bridge.


  • $200 per event day.
  • Contact your sales representative for additional pricing information.

Getting Started:

  • Contact LiveLitigation Support to request Recording be enabled for your eSuite account
  • +1 (888) 337-6411 ext. 1

How To:

Click Here for the Recording User Guide.

Note: The LiveLitigation Recording feature is designed to provide a rough, unedited version of the streaming video and audio in a LiveLitigation event. This feature is not intended to replace a certified videographer, nor is it a screen recording program.