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Includes wireless router and one (1) year support and maintenance

$349 per license

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$349 per license, per year

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   @ $349 per license.
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  $20 Standard Shipping & Handling (3-5 business days)

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*The Initial Term of this agreement is twelve months and is between you (the Customer) and Live Cloud Depositions, LLC (LCD) doing business as LiveLitigation. This agreement will automatically renew for one year terms (Additional Terms), unless the Customer provides sixty (60) days written notification to LCD to cancel the account before the renewal of an Additional Term. In all cases, the Customer will be responsible for paying in full any balance due at the time of termination. The fees the Customer will be paying are fees towards maintenance, service and support. LCD may terminate this agreement at any time in the event the Customer breaches the terms of this agreement. This contract will commence immediately upon the signing of the contract by the Customer. This contract is non-transferable and non-refundable. The Customer agrees not to hold LCD, its subsidiaries, employees, and agents liable for any claims or damages arising from mistakes, accidents, omissions, interruptions, delays, or error.

Please Note: The router is provided to you on a lease. If you wish to cancel your account we ask that you kindly return the router to us within 30 days of cancellation to the address below:

Internet MegaMeeting, LLC / LiveLitigation
17328 Ventura Blvd #320
Encino, CA 91316

*Please note: A $79.00 fee will be charged for unreturned routers

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