How Can LiveLitigation Benefit Your Law Firm?

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It's BETTER Than Being There Live!

  •  One Way Video Streams - Study a witness without being seen
  •  Two Way Video Streams - Be visible to the witness and other parties
  •  Realtime Text - Follow along with the realtime text from any legal proceeding
  •  Electronic Exhibits - Electronically introduce, manage and collaborate on digital exhibit files using your computer or mobile device
  •  Keyword Search & Highlights - Quickly find what you are looking for and mark it up for later without losing focus on the litigation event you are attending
  •  Universal Transcript Exporting - Instantly export realtime transcript, including highlights in PTF format to any realtime viewing software
  •  Document Sharing - Instantly upload and download documents, videos, audio files and pictures to share with all involved parties
  •  Group & Private Chat - Securely share private thoughts with your team or chat one-on-one with individuals no matter where they are located
  •  100% Web-based - Attend from any PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android Enabled Smartphone/Tablet
  •  Teleconferencing - No microphone necessary

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