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Here's What LiveDeposition Users Are Saying...

Dear LiveDeposition,

I am on Eclipse 6, and I love the LiveDeposition LocalRealtime Router. It is really easy to use and I have never had a problem with it. Any problems I have had can be contributed to user error, and they’re quickly resolved with a call to tech support. The tech support is 24/7, which is awesome! I’ve never had to leave a message and get a call back. Usually all tech support calls are picked up the first time I call.

This product makes me happy and giddy. It makes what can be a very stressful situation less stressful. Set up is a breeze in the morning and so much quicker than setting up laptops with cables and making sure they’re all running. It’s lightened my load considerably. All I carry now is the iPads and the router. If counsel shows up late, it is no problem to set them up quickly.


Kyung Lee-Green
CSR#12655, CLR
Irvine, CA

Dear LiveDeposition,

I have been using LiveDeposition for about six months. It has been a long and arduous road with a happy ending. I have had my CRR designation for at least 7 years. I went to training at LiveNote and got my certification from them. I never used it a day. I find my job to be challenging enough without having hook-ups, wires and troubleshooting, etc. I resisted doing real-time for years because of this.

One day I joined a Facebook group asking for help. It was time to make the jump. The overwhelming answer was to get LiveDeposition. I did, and I have never looked back....

To say I am technologically challenged would be an understatement. Well, after a brief training, I was ready to go. My clients love it and I love it. Providing realtime is so easy that I am embarrassed that I waited so long. I have no stress with hooking up. LiveDeposition is reliable every single time. I am proud to offer it.

I have had to call support twice. I forgot a step in the process both times. I called from my job in a panic, and I can't tell you how nice it was to get a LIVE person on the phone immediately. No waiting for a call back.

I also like that LiveDepoJami is constantly available through Facebook or email should I need her. She is very proactive. Speaking of proactive, the whole company is. There are always webinars and it is clear you are trying to keep up with the times. In the brief time I have had LiveDeposition, there has already been one update.

Probably the best thing about LiveDeposition is the price. I paid for my LocalRealtime Router my very first deposition. It is free to me the rest of the year.

I am actively working with my state association locally to show off my LiveDeposition at a regional seminar. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to market my skills in a way that I was afraid to try before and making it so easy to do.


Janis L. Ferguson, RPR, CRR

Dear LiveDeposition,

After hours and hours of research of companies that offer realtime services for court reporters, and really wanting to bring an "A" game to the table, I was directed to LiveDeposition. There were several factors that went into my decision to become a client of LiveDeposition.

The first and most important was and is the testimonials from other court reporters about troubleshooting.

No one wants to experience any technical issues on a job; however, most of us will. The simple fact that LiveDeposition offers a "bypass" to troubleshooting and a fail-safe method of receiving realtime solely with a wireless connection was a motivating factor for me.

With all of the devices available on the market these days, and with all of the security and firewall restrictions on these devices, it's easy to see the possibility of running into a problem that you can't prepare for until you're running full force in the middle of a job. LiveDeposition thought of that and created a "just in case" solution.

I also very much appreciated being able to provide realtime to attorneys on their own devices without having to change or configure anything on that attorney's equipment. That takes away any possibility of me being responsible for any technical issue(s) they experience with their own laptops or tablets. Some real-timing companies require you to change the settings on an attorney's computer to receive realtime, and that was always discomforting to me. No more.

Lastly, though still just as important, LiveDeposition allows me to provide realtime to any device that has wireless capability. It adds to my credibility as a court reporter staying on top of technology when I tell an attorney that I can output the transcript feed right to his cell phone, his iPod Touch, his iPad, his Kindle Fire, his tablet, his laptop, his computer....whatever.

I am constantly researching the newest and latest technology to help improve court reporting as a profession. Being able to explain that technology and the benefits of it gives me a better opportunity and likelihood of being requested again to provide these services to my clients. Technology is constantly changing and can be very overwhelming. To a non-computer savvy person, real-timing can be a scary arena to enter. The ease of use of the LiveDeposition router takes away all that anxiety. The support is unbeatable. Being heard as a working reporter about what we need and what works and doesn't work is priceless.

Court reporters love it; judges love it; attorneys love it. If you are considering realtiming, LiveDeposition is the only way to go.

Loyal LiveDeposition Client,

Elora Dorini, CSR, CLR, LDCR