Mobile Apps

Litigation Events Brought to You!

Attend Depositions, Trials, Hearings, Arbitrations, and Mediations
from a Tablet or Smartphone

Easily attend local and web-based litigation events from any tablet or smartphone using LiveLitigation’s mobile app. Available to download on any iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Smartphone, and the Kindle Fire, the mobile app is packed with all the same features as the web-based program, except now you can take it on the go!

With the LiveLitigation Mobile App you can:

  • Access either the LocalRealtime or RemoteRealtime solutions. Great for onsite and remote attendees
  • Follow along with the realtime transcription feed
  • Watch the live video feed of a witness’s testimony
  • Listen to a litigation event through a headset or earbuds
  • Participate in private group chat
  • Send your audio and video out to other attendees
  • Search and highlight keywords
  • Download and view exhibits

Download LiveLitigation On Your Mobile Device