If you have been invited to attend a stream for Video, Realtime or both, please see below for requirements and instructions for joining.


  • A High-Speed wired or wireless Internet connection.
  • A PC, Mac, or Mobile device running the LiveDeposition Mobile App.

Device Compatibility

  • Required for Windows and Mac computers:

Joining A Deposition

Tech Check

If you will be joining a stream for the first time, or from a new device, we recommend you test your connection to our services from your device, in advance of the deposition.

A self-test can be performed at anytime by visiting

Email Invitation

You will receive an Email Invitation to the deposition from The invitation is sent by the agency utilizing It contains the details and necessary credentials for logging in.

Example Email Invitation:

  1. Click the Join: [Deposition Name] link.
  2. If prompted for a Key, refer to your Email Invitation.
  3. Click NEXT to join the deposition.
  4. Click ALLOW if you will be using your Web Cam and/or Microphone.


If you will be attending multiple depositions, you can login to the Invitation Manager to access a Calendar of your scheduled depositions.

  • Access here: Dashboard Login
  • Enter your Email Address and Password.
    • If you have not used MyCal before, click Forgot Password? Didn't Receive One? and reset the password.
    • Login with the temporary password that is sent to your email.
    • Create a new password, then continue.

Receiving Realtime

Once you have joined the deposition and the Realtime streaming begins, your device will look similar to the images below:

Streaming Video and Audio

NOTE: The audio portion of the deposition may be provided via conference call. Please refer to your Email Invitation for the Call In Number and Access Code, or contact the Court Reporting Agency.

  • Press the CAMERA icon to activate your device's webcam.
  • Press the MICROPHONE icon to activate your device's microphone (NOTE: Use of earbuds or headphones is required on Mobile devices when using the Microphone.).

Realtime Exhibits (Beta)

If Exhibits is enabled, you can introduce a document in realtime and present it to the other parties.

  • Exhibits must be uploaded and introduced while using a PC or Mac computer.
  • Exhibits can be viewed and annotated from a PC, Mac, or Mobile device.
  • Click Here for Exhibits User Guide


Click Here for Technical Specifications and Requirements for facilities, law firms and court houses.