Electronic Exhibit Deposition Solutions

Cloud-based Electronic Exhibits For Your Next Litigation Event

Create a new profit center for your agency by offering your clients an easy way to electronically introduce, manage and collaborate on digital exhibit files using their computer or mobile device with LiveLitigation’s NEW ElectronicExhibits.

Multi-location Exhibit Sharing

Optimize your client’s experience with multi-location exhibit sharing. Allow clients that are either onsite or remote to upload, view, mark-up and export digital exhibit files

Powerful All-in-One Platform

Clients can review electronic exhibits, receive realtime text feed and watch live witness video all at the same time from one simple platform.

Electronic Exhibit Stamping

Legitimize and finalize exhibits by placing onto the exhibit an electronic stamp that includes the exhibit name and heading, the witness name, the date and the initials of the person submitting the exhibit

Real-time Mark-up

Clients can mark-up exhibits in real-time, no “pushing of files” or time delay

Online Digital File and Event Management

Clients can easily view and join all upcoming litigation events from an online dashboard. In addition to the event calendar, the dashboard acts as a file management system where users can upload, manage, and view digital files. More Information

Easy To Use - No Extensive Client Training Needed

ElectronicExhibits is an easy to use cloud-based platform that doesn’t require extensive training to use. With our friendly 24/7 technical support and our online gallery of videos and user guides, your clients will be collaborating on digital exhibits in minutes, not hours

Flexible Paperless Technology

No need to bring banker boxes full of mounds of paper to depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. Digitally upload files prior to a litigation event, or upload “on-the-fly” as the online event takes place